Technical Informations / Rules

The CITIUS meeting will be held according to the current World Athletics rules.

The complete technical informations as PDF:

Technical Informations

Before the competition

Athletes must report to the Call-Room before each event as follows:

Call-Room out
Last Call
Leaving for competition
Pole vault
15 mins before event
70 mins before event
10 mins before event
65 mins before event
Long Jump,
40 mins before event
35 mins before event

Athletes arriving late may be excluded from the event.

Access to the area
Athletes will identify themselves at the entrance with their license or a valid ID (national athletes) or their accreditation (international athletes).

One coach per athlete of the national program can register and gain access to the standing place area of the event. The registration therefore is available on the CITIUS website. The registration of the coaches in the main program can be done via

Athletes in the main program: They are already confirmed and can go directly to the call room at the given time.
Athletes in the Preliminary Program: Athletes must confirm their participation by ticking the box on the roll call list at least 60 minutes before the starttime. The athletes will receive their bib in the entrance area of the sportshall Wankdorf.

Equipment control
Own equipment (shots) may be used at the competition as long as it has been checked at the equipment control in the entrance area of the sports hall before the competition.

Warm-up area
The warm-up must take place outside the stadium (around the sports hall or on the“Allmend”-Field across the street). An 80m running tunnel (with three synthetic lanes) is also available to athletes (and coaches) in the basement of the sports hall.

Checking of personal belongings
Personal belongings will bechecked in the Call Room. All personal items (such as recording devices, radios, cell phones, MP3 players, video cameras, etc.) that are not allowed in the competition according to IAAF rules will be confiscated in the Call Room. All confiscated items from participants will be returned there after the event.

Shoes for the competition
In all disciplines, the World Athletic Rules (Book C: Competition’ C2.1A.) regarding shoes must be followed. If this not the case, athlete’s performances would not be homologable or valid for statistics, records, etc.

The athletes' personal BIB must be worn on the front of the competition clothing (except for vertical jumps, where the BIB can be worn on the chest or back). The BIB must not be folded, bent or covered in any way.

Hip numbers
Athletes competing in track events will also be given two adhesive hip numbers in the call room before entering the field. The hip numbers must be secured to each leg of the athlete.

Competition Procedures

In track events tracksuits will be put in baskets at the start. These baskets will be taken to the Kit Collection Area at Post Event Control in the Mixed-Zone.

Presentation of athletes
3 Minutes before the race the presentation of the athletes will start. The presentation of the field events will take place on the facility.

Starting commands
Starting commands will be announced in English.

An electronic timing and false start system (ALGE timing) is used. The distance measurements in the technical disciplines are carried out with the help of electronic distance measuring devices. Measurements in the vertical jumps will be done with calibrated telescopic measuring rods.

Field events

Jumping heights
Pole vault:
386 – 406 – 421 – 436 – 446 – 456 – 461 – 466 – 471- …

Number of attempts (long jump, shotput)
In the national pre-program all athletes have 6 attempts.
In the international main program all athletes have 3 attempts and the best 8 athletes have three additional attempts. The order after for the last three attempts is revers to the results after 3 attempts.

Athletesare not allowed to use their own markers during the competition. Athletes who wish to use a marker may only use the markers provided by CITIUS-Meeting.

Post Competition Information

Leaving the competition area
All athletes must leave the competition area through the mixed zone. Then the way leads along the edge of the track back to the sports hall.

Running disciplines:
All runners leave the competition area immediately after crossing the finishline.

Technical disciplines:
-Athletes eliminated in vertical jumps at a certain height may leave the competition area together at the end of a height.
-In the other technical disciplines, athletes will leave the competition area together at the end of the last attempt.
In the above-mentioned situations, the athletes will be accompanied by an official or a helper to the mixed zone.

Mixed Zone
Athletes who have left the mixed zone are not allowed to return to it.

Victory ceremonies
After the last discipline of the event, there will be a common award ceremony for all discipline winners of the main program. The winners of the disciplines will gather in the Call Room at 20:00 in their competition dress or training suit.

Live results and rankings will be published on our website.

Doping Control
Athletes can be tested during the whole period of their CITIUS participation, regardless of their location. Antidoping Switzerland conducts the doping controls and adheres to the International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI).